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Feast your eyes mates on tons of authentic old ship relics filched from dead and dying vessels from around the world at Maidhof Bros. Shipware in San Diego California USA...Or come aboard...The CARGO LIST-NAUTICAL ANTIQUES ...catalog where you can enjoy seeing unique maritime furniture, brass hardware, sea going clocks, portholes, shipwheels, brass bells and tons too much treasure & marine salvage to mention ...We pack & ship worldwide, so if your sea eyes are fit and your keyboard fingers are willing sail on through these pages, but take heed mateys...most of the booty listed is "one of a kind" and leaves port quick....WE BUY, SELL and TRADE...Nautical Antiques & Collectibles, Marine Salvage and Decorative Items...

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WWII USN Quartermaster’s Spyglass

$895.00 - More Details

This Authentic WWII USN Quartermaster’s Spyglass, 16-Power, was manufactured by the Kollmorgen […]


Authentic Diving Helmet Miller-Dunn “Divinhood”

$7,500.00 - More Details

This is an Authentic Navy-Standard Divinhood by Miller-Dunn of Miami, Florida, style […]


USN Working Navy Telephone

$325.00 - More Details

This USN Telephone was manufactured by the Stromberg-Carlson Corporation, telephone type G. […]


USN Bu of Ship’s Telescope

$675.00 - More Details

This is a USN Bu of Ships 1942 Officer of the deck […]


Real Ship’s Doors Available

$Call For Information - More Details

We have several Authentic Ship’s Doors available for purchase.  Salvaged by the […]


Vintage Preston’s Ship’s Figurehead

$575.00 - More Details

This is Vintage Preston’s reproduction figurehead from the early 1970′s. While the […]


Nautical Shadowbox

$345.00 - More Details

This Nautical Shadowbox depicts a miniature sailors workshop, or shed.  It has […]


Authentic US Navy Telephone

$750.00 - More Details

This is an Authentic US Navy Telephone originally used at the training […]


Vintage Manchester Lines Berry Bowl

$45.00 - More Details

This Nice Manchester Lines Berry Bowl was manufactured by Dunn Bennett & […]


US Lines Vintage Collectable Toy

$75.00 - More Details

This US Lines Vintage Collectable Toy Ship originally came from a ship’s […]


“Ambush” By R.DeRosset

$2,250.00 - More Details

This remarkable painting titled  ”Ambush” #744, by Richard DeRosset depicts the MSB-51 […]


USS Cyclops Painting By R. DeRosset

$3,500.00 - More Details

Maybe the most famous Bermuda Triangle incident is the loss of the […]


1920′s Cup & Saucer by Buffalo Pottery

$65.00 - More Details

This Cup & Saucer was manufacture by Buffalo Pottery in 1925. The […]


Classic Vintage Borghini Decanter

$325.00 - More Details

This Classic Vintage Decanter was manufactured by Borghini of Italy. It was […]


Vintage Matson Line Lighter

$25.00 - More Details

This Matson Line Flip Lighter was manufactured by Penguin of Japan.  It […]


Vintage HAPAG Ashtray

$65.00 - More Details

This Authentic HAPAG Lloyd Funnel Ashtray measures 3 1/4″ tall, 4 1/2″ […]

Newest Items
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