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Feast your eyes mates on tons of authentic old ship relics filched from dead and dying vessels from around the world at Maidhof Bros. Shipware in San Diego California USA...Or come aboard...The CARGO LIST-NAUTICAL ANTIQUES ...catalog where you can enjoy seeing unique maritime furniture, brass hardware, sea going clocks, portholes, shipwheels, brass bells and tons too much treasure & marine salvage to mention ...We pack & ship worldwide, so if your sea eyes are fit and your keyboard fingers are willing sail on through these pages, but take heed mateys...most of the booty listed is "one of a kind" and leaves port quick....WE BUY, SELL and TRADE...Nautical Antiques & Collectibles, Marine Salvage and Decorative Items...

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1st Class Brass Towel Rack

$125.00 - More Details

This 1st Class Brass Captain’s Towel Rack measures 29.5″ long, 7″ deep, […]


Vintage Brass Blow Torches, 5 Available

$145-255.00 - More Details

We have 5 Vintage Brass Blow Torches available for purchase, they vary […]


Vintage Marine Deck Plug

$155.00 - More Details

This Vintage Marine Electric Plug is made of bronze, measures 6.5″ x […]


Solid Brass Ship’s Masthead Oil Lantern

$325.00 - More Details

This Traditional Marine Masthead Oil Lantern is made of brass, is in […]


Vintage WWII USN Ordinance Scope

$275.00 - More Details

This Authentic Vintage WWII USN Ordinance Scope, Model # 3, No. 6669, […]


Magnificent 1st Class Captain’s Desk

$3,650.00 - More Details

This Magnificent 1st Class Captain’s Work Desk is colossal in size and […]


Funky Pirate Decor Lamp

$95.00 - More Details

This cute pirate lamp would be great featured in a child’s bedroom, […]


Trout Carving By William Reel

$325.00 - More Details

This Trout Duo Wood Carving was created by William A.K.A. Bill Reel, […]


Ship’s Engine Order Telegraph

$3,250.00 - More Details

This Brass Engine Order Telegraph Replica is made of solid brass, measures […]


Solid Brass Ship’s Steering Station Replica

$2,850.00 - More Details

This Solid Brass Ship’s Steering Station replica is a sight to behold! […]

Ships Engine Telegraph

Ship’s Engine Order Telegraph

$Make An Offer we can't refuse ! - More Details

This Ship’s Engine Order Telegraph is in show piece condition and available […]


Captain Quint Devoured by Jaws by M.Turso

$375.00 - More Details

This Oil On Canvas Painting by artist Mike TURSO depicts one of […]


Hand Carved Ruffed Grouse Art Piece

$245.00 - More Details

Although this stunning carving is not in our typical nautical fashion, we […]


Large Ship’s Anchor Lantern

$525.00 - More Details

This Vintage Steel Anchor Lantern is quite the beast measuring 20″ tall, […]


Vintage Passageway Lantern

$165.00 - More Details

This Vintage Passageway Lantern was manufactured by W.Harvey & Co. LTD of […]


Vintage Brass Hurricane Lantern

$145.00 - More Details

This Small Vintage Brass Hurricane Lantern measures 11″ tall, is 4.5″ wide, […]

Newest Items
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