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Feast your eyes mates on tons of authentic old ship relics filched from dead and dying vessels from around the world at Maidhof Bros. Shipware in San Diego California USA...Or come aboard...The CARGO LIST-NAUTICAL ANTIQUES ...catalog where you can enjoy seeing unique maritime furniture, brass hardware, sea going clocks, portholes, shipwheels, brass bells and tons too much treasure & marine salvage to mention ...We pack & ship worldwide, so if your sea eyes are fit and your keyboard fingers are willing sail on through these pages, but take heed mateys...most of the booty listed is "one of a kind" and leaves port quick....WE BUY, SELL and TRADE...Nautical Antiques & Collectibles, Marine Salvage and Decorative Items...

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Vintage Tackle Box

$250 - More Details

This Vintage Mahogany Tackle Box has been fully restored by the Maidhof […]


Authentic Jacobs Ladder

$175-225 - More Details

We have a few Authentic Jacobs Ladders here in our showroom, all […]


June 1939, SS Normandie

$5,000 - More Details

New Work by world renowned marine artist Richard DeRosset depicts the R.M.S. […]


Vintage Airguide Weather Station

$185 - More Details

This is the second Vintage Airguide Weather Station we have available for […]


Vintage Airguide Weather Station

$185 - More Details

This Vintage Weather Station was manufactured by the Airguide company and consists […]


USS Frontier AD-25 Ashtray

$85 - More Details

This is authentic USS Frontier AD-25 Ashtray measures 7″ in diameter. The USS […]


Vintage Booze Bottle

$75 - More Details

This Vintage Sea Captain’s Booze Bottle measures 16″ tall with a 6″ […]


WWII Convoy Stadimeter Range Finder

$175 - More Details

This relic is a WWII Convoy Stadimeter and was manufactured by Schick […]


1st Class Anchor Bookends

$145 - More Details

This set of 1st Class maritime bookends are made of oak, brass, […]


Cock N’ Bull Vintage Cups

$125.00 Set - More Details

This Set of 3 Vintage Copper Moscow Mule cocktail mugs were manufactured […]


Authentic USN Anchor

$950 - More Details

This is your chance to own an Authentic US Naval Anchor, manufactured […]


WWII Masthead Lantern

$450 - More Details

This Authentic WWII Masthead Lantern has been painstakingly restored by the crew […]


Vintage Tung Woo Anchor Lantern

$650 - More Details

This Mighty Vintage Anchor Lantern was manufactured by Tung Woo of Hong […]


Antique Wooden Ships Caulking Tools

$450.00 - More Details

This set of antique caulking tools, mallet and irons, were used eons […]


Vintage Masthead Lantern With Red Lens

$345 - More Details

This Vintage Masthead Lantern has its original Authentic Red Fresnel Lens and […]


Brass Masthead Lantern with Fancy Work Handle

$345 - More Details

This Unique Vintage Masthead Lantern is made of copper, brass, steel, and […]

Newest Items
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