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Feast your eyes mates on tons of authentic old ship relics filched from dead and dying vessels from around the world at Maidhof Bros. Shipware in San Diego California USA...Or come aboard...The CARGO LIST-NAUTICAL ANTIQUES ...catalog where you can enjoy seeing unique maritime furniture, brass hardware, sea going clocks, portholes, shipwheels, brass bells and tons too much treasure & marine salvage to mention ...We pack & ship worldwide, so if your sea eyes are fit and your keyboard fingers are willing sail on through these pages, but take heed mateys...most of the booty listed is "one of a kind" and leaves port quick....WE BUY, SELL and TRADE...Nautical Antiques & Collectibles, Marine Salvage and Decorative Items...

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WWII Era British Binnacle Compass

$950 - More Details

A rare WWII era wartime British made binnacle compass.  The Brits were […]


$425 - More Details

A beautifully hand painted wooden ships sign,  “Challenger” Put-N-Bay, Ohio, on lake […]

Mahogany Stowaway End Table

$345 - More Details

A sturdy mahogany foldaway end table in ship shape and yachtsman like […]

“Galley” Rack

$265 - More Details

This is a hand crafted, nicely varnished Mahogany “Galley” rack.  It measures […]

1942 Quartermaster Spyglass

$950 - More Details

This is a WWII AUTHENTIC 1942 Mark II, 16 power Quartermaster Spyglass. The […]

Solid Brass Typhoon Lantern

$395 - More Details

A heavy duty solid brass all weather ships lantern.  Burns oil and […]

Very Rare British “Seahorse” Bow Lantern

$750 - More Details

This lamp was part of Trader Vic’s personal collection for a number […]

Titanic Movie Prop Cage Lamp

$575 - More Details

Back in 1997, we were fortunate enough to provide many hundreds of […]

Small Brass Sheet Winch

$35 - More Details

A solid brass sheet winch turned into a handsome paper weight.  Has […]

Pirates Cove Painting

$125 - More Details

An original acrylic painting called ” Pirates Cove” by John Michael Becker. […]

Brass Towel Bar

$125 - More Details

A glorious piece of ships brass hardware mounted on solid mahogany.  A […]

Lady Liberty Figurehead Statue

$625 - More Details

A solid wood carving of  “Lady Liberty” wrapped in old glory herself.. […]

Telegraph Cologne Bottle

$20 - More Details

A vintage ship’s engine order telegraph collectible glass cologne bottle.  Standing just […]

Vintage Yacht Parlor Lamps

$750 pair - More Details

A beautiful pair of ships parlor lamps salvaged from a 1960″s era […]

Wind’in Sea Painting

$375 - More Details

A colorful original acrylic painting of the famous Wind’in Sea beach in […]

Lobster Boat Half Hull

$350 - More Details

A 1950’s era Jonesport lobster fishing boat half hull model on a […]

Newest Items
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