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1942 USNavy Compass in Box

$950 - More Details

Behold Matey’s, A U.S. Navy BU Ships compass dated 1942 and made […]

Vintage Ships Cowel Vent

$350 - More Details

Cowl vents this size are hard to find, i’m not even sure […]

Scotch Whiskey Sign

$95 - More Details

Notice! Conserve American Water… Drink Scotch Whiskey. A brilliant bar sign made […]

USN Brass Ships Wheel

$ - More Details

A solid brass USNavy stamped heavy duty shipswheel. Measuring 29.5 inches in […]


1942 US Coast Guard Bell

$ - More Details

A solid brass US Coast Guard ships bell dated 1942. This bell […]


Gentlemen’s Drinking Saloon Plaque

$95 - More Details

Behold Matey’s, a first class sign for your man cave.. This one […]

Ships Jolly Box Sign

$75 - More Details

A hand engraved solid mahogany sign. Jolly Box, Hancuffs, Leg Irons and […]

Gentlemen’s Drinking Saloon Sign

$150 - More Details

A large solid mahogany deeply engraved man cave plaque. Your wife won’t […]

Dive Bar Sign

$95 - More Details

Dive!!! A solid mahogany, deeply engraved, wooden wall plaque with the US […]

Real Porthole Mirror

$325 - More Details

Porthole mirror made from an authentic porthole. The mirror has a 9″ […]

Genuine antique sailing schooner fluke anchor, 1915

$3500 - More Details

Very rare, hard to find turn of the century galvanized anchor. Measures […]

Bendix Engine Order Telegraph

$2450 - More Details

An authentic ships single engine E.O.T.  or Engine Order Telegraph made by […]

Ships Grate 37″ x 31″

$450 - More Details

A large hunk of salvaged ships grate made out of what looks […]

Salvaged Ships Grate 37″ x 27

$450 - More Details

A large hunk of salvaged ships grate made out of what looks […]

Vintage Mahogany Ships Doors with original frame

$1650 - More Details

Vintage cargo ship’s mahogany wood doors with original hardware, porthole and wood […]

Authentic US Navy Captain’s Chair

$2500 - More Details

This Authentic US Navy’s Captain’s Chair is the real deal. Plucked right […]

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