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Large Pair of Stainless Steel Yacht Cleats

$275 - More Details

A magnificent pair of salvaged stainless steel yacht deck cleats.  Measuring 15 […]

Vintage Solid Brass Flagpole Brackets

$125 Each - More Details

Very hard to find, vintage solid brass flagpole brackets! Base measures 3 […]

Vintage Grace Line Docking Telegraph

$ - More Details

A vintage 1936 Docking telegraph recovered from the S.S Santa Rosa in […]


Handmade Pirate Chest

$1200 - More Details

Master woodworking, design and welding is what it took to bring this […]

“Action in the South Atlantic”

$2500 - More Details

Gorgeous historical painting by the worlds most famous living marine painter titled […]

4 Piece Anchor Lock

$125 - More Details

This  Authentic Solid Brass Anchor Lock comes as a 4 piece set. […]

Vintage Cowl Vent

$ - More Details

This Amazing Autneitc Brass Cowl Vent has been restored to shipshape condition […]


Glorious Ditty

$895 - More Details

Thanks to innovation and brilliant creativity, this particular ditty rack has been […]

Brass Porthole with Bolts

$425 - More Details

This Remarkable Authentic Ship’s porthole is made of solid brass and has […]

Patriotic Brass Eagle

$475 - More Details

This Beautiful Solid Brass Eagle is just what your home office needs […]

Vintage Cowl Vent

$ - More Details

This Amazing Vintage Brass Cowl Vent has been restored to shipshape condition […]


Vintage Lifeboat Bell

$ - More Details

This Vintage Lifeboat Bell has been mounted on a slab of varnished […]


Bronze Porthole

$ - More Details

This Authentic Bronze Porthole has been restored and polished to shine by […]


British Admiralty Block

$ - More Details

Authentic British Admiralty Block available in our showroom today. It is equipped […]



$165 - More Details

The Pommern, formerly the Mneme (1903–1908), was a windjammer. She was a […]

Mahogany Ditty Rack

$265 - More Details

This mahogany wood ditty shelf has been fully restored to shipshape condition. […]

Cargo List > MISC.