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Eagle Wood Carving

$ - More Details

A solid slab of mahogany with a glorious American Eagle and Stars […]


Nautical Drawers

$345 - More Details

This is a great set of nautical style drawers fully equipped with […]

Vintage Motor Boat Helm

$ - More Details

This small wooden Helm was designed for motor boats and this style […]

HMS Black Prince Model

$3250 - More Details

A museum quality,  hand crafted wooden model of a British  three masted […]


Elder Dempster Lines Oil & Vinegar

$165 - More Details

This is an Authentic Oil & Vinegar set from the mid 19th […]

Solid Teak Ship’s Helm

$750 - More Details

This solid teak heavy ship’s Helm is laced with brass and reeks […]

Steel lockbox / “Pirate’s BOOTY chest”

$ - More Details

Fabricated from steel and teak by Dean Maidhof.  Measures 14″ deep X […]


Maidhof Bros. Blueprint T-Shirts

$27.50 - More Details

Support our 3rd generation company with a stellar Maidhof Bros. T-Shirt!  We […]

Wooden Yacht Porthole

$ - More Details

A solid bronze single dog porthole salvaged from a wooden sailboat and […]



$ - More Details

Back in its day this sign meant business but won’t work anymore […]



$75 - More Details

Ships armory sign measures 9 3/4″ x 4 3/4″.  It is constructed […]

Salvaged Wooden Yacht Brass Portholes

$245 a piece - More Details

Avast mateys..  Behold the latest treasure to come aboard at Maidhof Bros […]

Vintage Ship’s Fireman’s Wrench

$65 - More Details

This Vintage Ship’s Fireman”s firehose wrench is made from brass and exhibits […]

Treasure Chest

$ - More Details

This nautical treasure chest manages to to combine both salty pirate style […]


Antique Brass Porthole

$ - More Details

An antique solid Brass Porthole that hails from the early 1900’s. The […]


WWII Lifeboat Ration Cabinet Doors

$450 Pair - More Details

Pair of authentic WWII Lifeboat Ration Cabinet doors made of heavy bronze. […]

Cargo List > MISC.